Ramshot Competition Smokeless Shotshell Powder (8 Lbs)


Ramshot Competition Smokeless Shotshell Powder (8 Lbs)


Product Overview We now offers Ramshot Competition Smokeless powder for shotshells. Competition is a clean burning double base powder in a spherical flat shape. This powder is specifically designed for use in 12 gauge shotgun shells that are being used to shoot clay pigeons. Ramshot Competition is a low bulk density powder with low pressures that can also be used to load for Cowboy Action Shooting. Consult your reloading manual or Ramshot for load data. Specifications and Features:

  • Economical 8 lbs size
  • Perfect for 12 Ga Shotshells
  • Clean burning and excellent for clay pigeons
  • Can also be used for Cowboy Action Shooting loads